About service & Roadmap



NUERO is a curated NFT digital art marketplace

We are creating a digital ecosystem for creators, projects, collectors and curators who care about meaningful and historically significant digital art.

Our main goal is to create simple, convenient and understandable tools for users to unleash their creative potential.

We strive to create a service where every participant can feel involved in the creation of a new digital economy and is a part of a community that is shaping the future together, while not forgetting to enjoy the present.

Our team is constantly exploring the possibilities of the blockchain and NFT industries and striving to develop technological solutions that will soon allow NFTs to be used outside of the service and make the works created more interactive.

We believe that NFT artists are the future architects of our digital reality and that their works created in the form of NFTs can be used in the gaming, film, fashion, journalism, animation, etc. industries.

The time will come when the characters created by artists will communicate with us in metaverses, and the three-dimensional models of the paintings will be available for immersion and can become a place of recreation or a place of power for someone to spend time on every day.

Thanks to the collective efforts and great enthusiasm of the crypto community, we believe that the globalization of most areas of our lives will take place within the blockchain industry.

We consider ourselves part of this great community and contribute to the development of this field.

Join our project and let us do something really interesting and exciting together!





✅ Step 0

May 25, 2021 - January 10, 2022

Preparations for development. Data collection. Research and development.


⚙ Details of the start-up stage

  • Market research and competitive analysis

  • Design of services

  • Prototyping of the future web platform

  • Preparation of technological and technical specifications

  • Verification and testing of the main solutions

  • Start of prototype development.

    • Development of smart contracts and the main core of the platform.
    • Configuration and programming of the backend. Configuration and programming of the frontend.
    • Integration with the Ethereum blockchain network in the Ropsten test environment.
    • Internal testing of all platform blocks and their interaction.
  • Preparation of the service for the start of beta testing.


The phase was successfully completed

Our team carried out a huge amount of research and technical work, which took us almost 8 months.

We’re happy that we managed to get to this stage and get a high-quality MVP version of our product!



✅  Step 1

January 15, 2022 - February 25, 2022.

NUERO beta launch for testing on the Ethereum Ropsten network.


🛠 Stage details

  • Testing of the service with the first users.
  • Testing the performance of the platform.
  • Testing of smart contracts.
  • Identifying bugs and fixing them.
  • Launch of NUERO's social networks (instagram \ twitter \ discord).
  • Collecting feedback from the community (adjusting the design and functionality of the service).
  • Conducting a raffle for $7,000 among early adopters.
  • Forming WL with beta testers.


Stage successfully completed

Thank you to all users who actively participated in the beta test!

All test participants were included in the WL for:

  • Free distribution of future NUERO tokens upon listing.
  • Possibility to participate in the private token sale.



✅  Step 2

March 10-25, 2022

Official launch of the project. Migration to the Ethereum mainnet.


🛠 Technical updates:

  • Conversion to Web3.
  • Addition of the royalty function.
  • Implementation of the split function (the ability to share profits and royalties with other authors).

📢 Introduction of programs for creators

  • Programs we launched for creators:

    • Curation program (for all young and talented authors, our curation program is open). More details here
  • The Ambassador program

    • If you want to join the project and actively participate in its development, become our Ambassador. Read more here


🔥 Which features are already available at launch?

  • Perpetual royalties for authors: 10%
  • Split system
  • Internal messenger for all users
  • Stories section - publishing articles and keeping a personal blog
  • Bidding using fixed price method, holding an auction and creating an offer.


The stage has been successfully completed. We've launched! 🎉

It was all very exciting for us. We thank all our ambassadors who actively participated and helped with the transition to the main network.

Now our doors are open to everyone. We look forward to welcoming you to NUERO.

A warm welcome to you all!


People are what's most important for us!

In the first days of the project it is very important for us to build a strong community.

If you want to actively participate in NUERO’s development, we welcome your publications and stories about NUERO on social networks.

Tell us what you like best about us and we will post your stories in our groups and on the website!

We also welcome new participants you invite to the service (your friends and acquaintances)

The first 2-3 months of our work will be dedicated to building a strong community, which will form the foundation for further development of the project.



⌛️ Step 3 - in progress

April-July 2022

Development and launch of the "collections" creation feature.


🛠. This feature will allow users to create their own works using their own smart contracts.

That means even more uniqueness, even more freedom and tools for creativity and independence!



🔐 Step 4 - Lock

April-July 2022

Introducing the ability to monetize tokens through the sale of NFT posters.


💰 This feature will allow all creators to monetize their NFTs by selling physical posters and creating NFT copies of their original works.


  • Any fan of the creator can coin an NFT, which will also send them an actual physical copy of the work they purchased.
  • This NFT poster will be a copy of the author's original work.
  • The number of possible posters will be limited. The limit will be set by the author when the NFT original is created, and the author will also determine the cost of these posters.
  • All funds from the sale of posters will go to the current owner of the original NFT so there will be additional interest in purchasing the author's work to further monetize that work through sale of posters.
  • From each poster sold, regardless of who owns the original work, the author will receive a 10% royalty.
  • All posters will be printed in our own production facility and sent to the buyer at the address provided.



🔐 Step 5 - Lock

August 10-15, 2022

Development and launch of "Collectibles".


Developing extensive functionality for authors and creative projects to reach their maximum potential.

Our "Collectibles" section will help improve interaction between the community and creators. It will also make it easier to create projects.

Now you do not have to create your own websites and write complex smart contracts, gather people in different places and figure out how and who gets whitelisted.

All of this will be possible in a single NUERO ecosystem where you can upload your art, set up selling mechanisms, and build your community within the service in just a few clicks.



🔐 Step 6 - Lock

September-December 2022

DEFi development and implementation.


Developing a DEFi system using which users can obtain funding against the security of their digital assets.

If you participate in projects with good liquidity, you will be able to receive funds secured by NFTs and participate in the following projects without being limited to having only your own funds in your wallet.

We believe that increasing the liquidity of digital assets and developing the secondary market and NFT infrastructure in general is the next step in the digital economy.



🔐 Step 7 - Lock

December-February 2023

Release of tokens and their listing on the exchange (preparing for the transition to DAO).


NUERO service commissions, as well as participation in voting and development of the project as a whole.

  • A document with "Project Tokenomics" will appear here soon.



🔐 Step 8 - Lock

February-June 2023

Preparation and systematic transition to DAO.


After we list the NUERO token, we will transition to DAO.

Every user who owns a NUERO token will be involved in the distribution of the profits of the NUERO service through an automated system of smart contracts and will be able to participate in the further development of the project.

Owning a NUERO token means that you are the actual owner of a certain share in the company.