NUERO Verification Rules

NUERO is an open platform for all users who want to create, sell and buy digital art in the form of NFT tokens using blockchain technology.

To create your first NFT on NUERO, you need to register on the platform, and you will immediately be able to create your own NFT.

Why is verification needed?

The verification is required to make your artwork available and visible to all users on the Market page.

Without verification, your artwork can only be seen by clicking on a direct link to your artwork page.

By verifying the user and demonstrating the artworks on the Market page, we guarantee collectors that the artworks found here are the originals of the actual author, who is registered and has received the status of “Creator.”

All other users and their created artworks that don’t have a confirmed “Creator” status are available only through a direct link to their artwork page.

To pass verification, you need to fill out a profile and submit an application (link to the verification page)

How to submit an application?

You need to:

  • Link your crypto wallet to your profile (if you haven't linked one, you can read here (link) how to do it)
  • Fill out your profile (name and username)
  • Upload avatar and banner to your profile page
  • Write information about yourself in “Bio”
  • Add links to your Instagram and Twitter accounts (our curators can contact you to verify your identity through these pages)
  • In addition, you can provide links to the resources where we can get acquainted with your art activities and check out the existing works

Our curators will review your profile within 24 hours after the application has been sent and confirm the status or send the request back for revision.

If you have any difficulties with the verification, you can contact us through the official support account here, or write to